What Does a Copywriter Do? (Step-by-step guide) - Make $$$$$

A copywriter is a person responsible for making a sale. Find out how to become a copywriter step-by-step and make $$$$$$

What Does a Copywriter Do? (Step-by-step guide) - Make $$$$$ 

Before we explore the many different careers for copywriters, first take a closer look at what it means to be a copywriter.

What is Copywriting?

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Copywriters are the experts of wordsmithing and use their expertise to create powerful messages about products or services that will be understood as intended.

But, there is so much more they can do! Copywriters can work in advertising, public relations, or even journalism if they have skilled writing skills.

Content vs. Copywriting

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Copywriting is an art form of writing with a clear objective. It refers to a form of creative writing. That creativity takes place in advertising, marketing, and certain public relations contexts.

Copywriters work very closely with the marketing manager, business owner, or other company executives to create copy for publications and campaigns on topics dictated by their client’s (as well as their own) agenda and identity.

Content writing focuses on the words going into any given content piece: be it website copy, video scripts, social media posts, or anything else.

Content writing can be all in-house by brands who know their target audiences well or done by freelancers focusing on one specific area of expertise.

Both copywriting and content writing focus heavily on keywords to ensure maximum google success when promoting company content online.

It is easy to see how important both copywriters and content writers are in presenting what would otherwise be just plain old text with some pictures into eye catching and compelling material!

Who Needs a Copywriter?

If you are interested in having an article written about your product or service or launching a new product or service, then you should contact a copywriter.

If you do not know how to present your content so that other people will understand it and be motivated by it, get in touch with a copywriter.

Copywriters can do media articles like newspaper clippings and online magazine articles as well as sales letters for brochures and direct-mail campaigns.  

They also write advertising materials ( such as web ads ) and public relations material for their clients.  And sometimes they help in writing content for blogs. They can even work within journalism if they have excellent research skills!

What Does a Copywriter Do?

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Copywriters are responsible for writing ads, brochures, sales letters, and other marketing materials. They use their expertise in wordsmithing to craft compelling messages that will get your message across as intended.

Copywriters also perform research and reporting tasks as well as proofreading of documents to ensure that language is written clearly.

A copywriter's job description may include:

  • Article writing
  • Proof reading the work of other writers or editors
  • Researching topics for magazine articles or books
  • Writing press releases about clients' products or services (to distribute to news outlets)
  • Advertising campaigns (such as newspaper ads )
  • Web page content creation (or editing existing web content)
  • Sales copy for advertisements, direct mail campaigns, or more
  • Publishing reports about a product, service, or company.

What are the other jobs that a copywriter can do?

Copywriters work in a number of different areas:

Advertising is responsible for bringing products and services to public awareness through promotional activities like print ads or television commercials. There is lots of room within this career field for creative thinkers who can come up with effective ad slogans!  

Great salesmen also make great ad writers!

Public relations involves promoting your business to customers as well as members of the press (like newspaper reporters). It is important that you know what journalists want to hear so you can present your information in ways that will catch their attention and earn valuable media exposure.

Marketing/Sales focuses on designing promotions and sales campaigns to promote products.

Media Relations focuses on helping publicize your company's news. If you are interested in getting free publicity about your business, check out this list of 10 top-notch media relations agencies.

Blog posts

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According to, there are 7 tips for you to nail blog post creation:

1. Promise and deliver

A "click-bait" article is one that uses outrageous, extravagant, or misleading claims. It could create more traffic, but people do not like being tricked by false information.

Avoid using exaggerated titles that promise something exciting or useful.

Deliver on that promise within the post.

2. Numbers and lists

People generally prefer to read numbered lists which is why multiples of five are the standard. It’s okay to go a little bit unusual, though! Also, use digits like '8 ways...' instead of 'Eight ways...'.

3. Trigger words

Jeff Goins describes how to use words like "why" and "how", which will help your blog posts stand out.

4. Teach

Buffer offers a number of suggestions for how to encourage people to follow you on social media. One suggestion they have is being more specific than just ‘how to…’. They suggest phrases such as ‘Introduction to…’, ‘Beginner’s guide to…’, or “DIY in 5 minutes

5. Write like a human

When reading an article, you may notice that they use specific words but do not use overly complicated language to interest the reader. 

Clarity is key!

6. Do not be too clever

Write headlines that grab readers' attention and are specific in their meaning.

7. A little more action

Active and strong words generate more clicks than passive or weak words.

White papers

A white paper, which is also written by copywriters, is a condensed report that tells readers about a specific product, service, or process in an easy-to-read format.

White papers generally range from 8 to 18 pages and are relatively short compared to other types of reports like case studies and marketing analyses.

They usually center around a single topic with the goal of informing readers while taking away doubts or objections. The average white paper aims for a 10% conversion rate on any given reader by the end.


An ebook is a digital representation of a book-length work, meant to be readable on an e-reader (or other devices) like Amazon's Kindle. It is typically most effective to create content in long-form formats like ebooks as they provide the most value.

Now What?

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If the idea behind promoting a product or service makes sense to you, start reading as much as you can about the field. 

You'll find lots of information online through blogs, chat sites, trade publications, and forums. 

In addition, target companies that employ copywriters and see if they have any job openings!

How many copywriters were working full time in 2021 ?

Fewer than half of American copywriters were actively working full-time in 2021.

Many of the rest were elderly or unable to work for some other reason, according to data from the Bureau Labor of Statistics (BLS).

Since almost all copywriters have college degrees and may obtain a license, this degree was actually not that high.

A bachelor's degree is not a prerequisite in this sector as the most important is to provide a state-of-the-art writing copy.

There are also many part-time and freelance options for people who want experience in writing promotional materials but does not want to commit to working less than 40 hours per week.

How many worked in the field part time ?

Copywriters are on the top of their career choice, According to Jacob Mcmillen.

Copywriting is a tailor-made career for 2021 surely due to more people using internet every day. The demand for copywriters is expected to grow exponentially and it is not hard to say that you can reach a 6-figure business.

Still hesitating for a full or a part time? Do not overthink: full time or even part time work is available for you if you choose copywriting as your career option.

If web content writing and ad copy is what you love most, just keep doing it ! Do not worry about pay scale because one day it will reach its peak and you will be earning all your love & passion deserves .

Agency vs. in-house vs. freelancing



Working with a third-party agency copywriter is advantageous on many levels. For example, any copywriter employed by an independent agency likely has reliable writing skills.

Besides agencies are able to work on multiple projects at one time. Much like an editor, copywriters often juggle many assignments for several clients at once.

Copywriting jobs also tend to have fast turnaround times.  In addition, since agencies are businesses themselves, they must continually attract new business and win over existing clients. This can bring additional opportunities and sometimes higher pay as well.

Established agencies are often easier to work with from an organizational standpoint. These organizations have the structure necessary to do contract work for clients. Also, most agencies are large enough to hire experienced writers who can complete projects quickly and effectively.

However, an agency professional copywriter is just one option for your needs. Explore the many different types of careers available to copywriters below before settling on a career in marketing.

Freelance copywriter

Many freelance copywriters run their own independent businesses as self-employed workers or small business owners.

Self-employment has many advantages: if you feel like working later than other freelancers do or want to work during a weekend, there is nothing stopping you from doing so.

You can also set your rates relatively high without worrying about losing out on work. Although this may sound like an ideal situation, the drawback is that it takes more time and effort to develop a clientele rather than just sending in a resume to an agency or enterprise.  

Also, because you have no built-in support network, bad jobs can really stress you out. You not only have to cover your costs, but also pay for additional benefits, such as health insurance and retirement funds.


Many companies choose this route when they are just starting an advertising or marketing campaign.

Getting a full team of writers together can be costly and time-consuming, so many businesses turn to freelance copywriters at first to get their message across.

Some established corporations also promote from within, hiring employees from the executive ranks with strong writing skills rather than seeking outside help.

This is especially common in large organizations that need many different types of writers to fulfill all their communications needs.

Content writing

Content writing used to be significantly cheaper than copywriting.

Content writer: a person who is known as content writer has to write contents for web pages, blogs and other digital media . Though such writers often use the term copywriter in their credentials.

Content writers do not have a direct interaction with clients but they will deal with each other through communication medium like e-mail, phone calls etc.

Copywriters on the other hand are directly involved in the marketing process, i.e., they interact with clients personally ( face to face or telephone). 

Content writing is more aligned with simple jobs that require basic copywriter skills like writing a composition on any topic under few hours, blogging etc.

This is a job that deals with low-level copywriting. A content writer will not be expected to write entire articles or websites, but instead will focus on small jobs like customer emails, resumes and social media messages.

Content writing and copywriting have their place in the world of the internet.

Copywriter Salary Ranges

There are three ways to make money as a copywriter:

  • Employee of a company. You may work in-house, or if the company is small you may be the entire marketing department.
  • Employee of an advertising agency. The agency helps businesses by providing excellent written content for them. Creative agencies usually do not have the expertise.
  • Freelance. You work for yourself and set your own rates, you reach out and network with businesses to get work. You do not have an agency taking a cut of your hard earned cash!

We will focus on the freelancer salary

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Yes. Copywriters can earn a hefty annual income that approaches six figures. Some do and have earned it.

However, it will take some time to build the portfolio, reputation, and client base needed to make a significant income from this work.

The 5 Essential Skills Every Copywriter Needs

1. Polished writing skills.

The first and most important skill a copywriter needs is, of course, the ability to write.

To succeed as a writer means mastering many different things like grammar, punctuation, and spelling.

Though these features are important, only good skills will get you attention in my opinion. I would say that those skills, albeit critical to success, are no substitute for an essential skill set.

The copywriter is a phenomenal wordsmith who must be able to make complex topics seem simple, create compelling visuals with just textual material and craft powerful conclusions.

And please, use a spell-checkers such as Grammarly once you are done editing :-).

2 Headline creation

Crafting powerful headlines is an art form in modern marketing. Since the dawn of modern marketing, both consumers and marketers have realized how effective these pieces are.

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A study by conductor depicted the 5 categories catching better the attention of the audience:

  • Number
  • Reader Addressing
  • How to
  • Normal
  • Question

A compelling headline could be: Become a successful copywriter and earn six-figures.

3. Awareness of user experience

Copywriting involves more than just words on a screen.

All of those words show up in places: on a mobile device, within a blog template, on Facebook, in Twitter, etc. All that copy must fit given cognitive and digital context.

What is user experience?

User Experience (UX) is the overall feel of an object, not just its aesthetics but also how it behaves and works.

"We cannot always rely on our rational mind as it often fails to perceive aspects of interactions that are essential for good User Experience."

Marijn Koolen, Author, UX Strategist at Deloitte Digital@Deloitte Services B .V

Good UX means that a product or service has been designed to be both effective in what it does and delightful to use.

Designers improve a product's user interaction over time until they reach the optimal balance for what users have come to expect from that products kinds of interface.

According to Neil Patel, instead of telling writers to know all about Search Engine Optimization, focus on the user.

Use the words (keywords) that make sense based on the user, the topic, the focus of the blog, and all the other relevant features of the context.

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4. Specialization

Content creation is a crucial part of any business. If you are not creating content, your competitors are.

If you want to create successful content, it is important that you become an expert for the content you want to compose.

While it may sound obvious, most freelancers fail to do this properly.

5. Marketing awareness

Copywriters are skilled writers, but they should be knowledgeable about other aspects of marketing such as technical SEO, UX, Press Release, and Analytics.

Top 3 content marketing strategy mistakes

1. Think of copywriting as more than just writing.

Not everyone has the talent to be a writer.

Your work will be easier if you have a team to help out with the writing process.

More than just stringing sentences together, good copywriting involves writing compelling messages and creating pictures-both visually and verbally. That will get your message across as intended.

Delegating some of your content creation allows writers to bring your vision to life, letting you focus on other aspects of growing your business.

2. Do not rely on the Apple defense.

With the advent of YouTube videos uploaded every day, blog posts published every minute, and tweets posted a day, it is easy to say that we are at peak content. So what does this mean? Although some people may think that the post-content marketing period has begun, it is so no true

'Apple doesn't do any content marketing and look how successful they are!'

If you have a massive fan base, plenty of products to flaunt before the entire world, and a large market cap that exceeds many countries' GDPs, then yes, feel free to not worry about content marketing.

However, Apple also does content marketing to highlight what the product can do (i.e. product descriptions).

Their efforts are more subtle than their other promotional tactics. Rather than focusing on features, they focus on how the product can benefit users and showcase ways it can be used.

Some copywriters take a more subtle approach that involves less frequent, but better-crafted messages.

3. You cannot "just write" anything and expect it to go viral

Your content marketing strategy will be successful if you invest your time, money, and thought into developing high-quality content that positively impacts your audience. That it's a competitive market out there!

But if you're unhappy with the progress your business has made so far, consider whether or not your content marketing strategy is what it should be.

Many businesses suffer from one or more of these three mistakes, and fixing them can help create a content marketing strategy that will drive traffic to your products and services.


Copywriters are a crucial part of any business, and should be ready to handle many different tasks.

The 5 essential skills every copywriter needs include polished writing skills, headline creation, awareness of user experience, specialization in content creation for the niche they want to write about and marketing knowledge that goes beyond just words on a screen.

Copywriting is an art form in modern marketing-and one that will continue to grow as we become more reliant on digital technology.

So if you’re interested in this career path or would like help with your own SEO strategy, feel free to share this content to your network. More content is coming up!

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