6 reasons to create a chatbot for your site

Are you curious how a chatbot can help increase the success of your marketing efforts? Find out with this list of six key benefits!

6 reasons to create a chatbot for your site

Your customers are always on the go. They want information, and they want it now.

What better way to provide them with that than by implementing a chatbot?

A chatbot is a computer program that interacts with your customer in conversation form about any topic-from giving them more information about your products or services to answering FAQs.

The best part?

Chatbots can be created by anyone using natural language processing and machine learning tools.

There are many reasons why you should consider creating a chatbot for your site.

For one, they provide instant customer service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week-no more phone lines!

They also save time for both your company and customers by eliminating some of the repetitive tasks involved in customer service.

There are many other benefits to utilizing this technology-find out what they are in this article!

Make your website visitors happy with chatbots
What is the purpose of chatbots

What is a Chatbot?

A chatbot is a website user's interaction with a scripted conversation.

They are trained to engage with the website visitor in a conversational tone and mimic human behavior.

You've most likely used a live chat system on a website.

A chatbot is a type of artificial intelligence (AI) that converse with customers through text or voice, and the questions and answers are programmed rather than relying on a human reading and replying to each message.

Customers are more likely to complete transactions if they can receive answers or information in a conversational manner.

Chatbots aid clients in moving from one point to the next as quickly and easily as possible without them feeling left behind or lost.

Consider a chatbot to be a set of little consultants that assist consumers in finding their way around and off your website information. Chatbots are assistants for websites.

Why using a Chatbot?

Chatbot key use cases
Chatbot benefits

There are a number of reasons why it might be worth the time and effort to create your own chatbot.  

One of the most obvious is that you’ll have an additional line of communication with your site visitors, which will allow you to more efficiently answer their questions and handle any complaints they may have.  

Another reason is that a chatbot can provide increased security for those who use it.

You may know that everything in chats is encrypted. This type of communication can only be read by the sender and receiver.  

But there are also some less tangible benefits as well.

Chatbots can help make your website seem friendlier, more accessible, and more useful to its visitors.

These benefits don’t come without a price though.

Creating and maintaining a chatbot is tricky, and setting up one that will actually be of use to your users requires a lot of planning.

1 - A quick response helps optimize conversion.

It may seem obvious, but one of the biggest reasons to have a chatbot on your website is that it helps you respond quickly and efficiently when customers need help.

Most websites today are heavy on features but light on customer service.

The problem with this approach is that many users shy away from products or services entirely if they feel there’s no human behind the site who can answer their questions or solve their problems.

When you allow your users to communicate directly with you, via your chatbot, you remove all barriers between them and the information they want.

Even better, since each chat is private and can only be seen by you, the user, and any other users who join the conversation, there’s no reason not to answer questions as quickly and efficiently as possible.

2 - It offers a unique opportunity for customer service.

While it’s true that chatbots can be used to answer questions quickly, that doesn’t mean you should use them as a second line for customer service.

If your business relies on customer interaction in order to make sales, using the chatbot for this purpose is not a good idea.

That being said, many businesses find that their chat services actually do increase their revenues.


Because people tend to get more engaged with sites they feel comfortable visiting.

If you allow your users the opportunity to talk to you via private one-on-one conversations, you give them an incentive to keep coming back.

3 - Security is easy and important.

One of the main reasons why companies are choosing chatbots over other customer support solutions is because of the increased security it offers.

When your customers can direct message you from your site, and the conversation is private, there’s no chance that their information will be compromised.

This security becomes even more important when you consider who is most likely to use a chatbot: people who are already recurring visitors to your site.

If this is the case, you have probably already shared some of their personal information with them.

If they decide to ask questions or report problems via email instead of a live chat, they could compromise sensitive data about their accounts.

4 - It gives customers a reason not to leave the website.

How to build chatbot for website
Chatbot online

Users like being able to interact directly with businesses online because it allows them a certain degree of convenience and flexibility in schedule that many offline alternatives simply don’t offer.

But what happens when they’re not sure how to use the chat feature on your site?

What happens if they get frustrated trying to contact you and give up?

This is why it’s so important that, even if most of your interactions still take place via email or phone, you have a chatbot installed on your website.

Even for users who rarely visit chatbots.

Knowing one exists means there’s always going to be a reason for them to log back in again later.

5 - It helps increase brand loyalty.

As we mentioned earlier, businesses want to have a chatbot on their site because it helps customers trust that you’re there.

It shows them that your company isn’t afraid to put itself out there.

It creates an environment where people are far more likely to ask questions or bring problems to your attention.

6 - Not all user needs are urgent.

While many live chat users want answers as quickly as possible, others don’t mind waiting if they know you’ll get back to them eventually.

This means that, when someone comes into the chatbot and asks for help on a problem that doesn’t seem urgent, you can choose whether or not to hop right in immediately to respond.

If someone has a minor question about your products, you might choose to respond at a later time when you can give them your full attention.

The best part?

Installing a chatbot on your site requires no technical knowledge at all, and can be set up within a matter of minutes.

All you need is a web host that provides chatbot apps and you’re ready to go!

Here is a list of the best available chatbot tools/platforms you can choose for your website.


Chatbots are quickly becoming an integral part of many businesses and for good reason.

The benefits they offer, particularly the increased security features that they provide, make chatbots a powerful tool to help you increase your conversion rates on-site.

They can help you gain trust from customers, increase brand loyalty, and give a reason for your customers to keep coming back.

In just a few minutes, chatbots can be installed on any website with no technical expertise needed-and best of all, chatbot apps are completely free!

While there is no one size fits all solution when it comes to creating or implementing a chatbot strategy, if you’re looking for some guidance in how best to set up your own live chat customer service feature using natural language processing, don't hesitate to read this article.

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