5 Best Blogging Platforms and Sites for 2022

How to blog with Medium, Linkedin, Wordpress, Wix, and Squarespace. Picking the best blogging platform or blog site for your needs will depend on how you want to use your blog.

5 Best Blogging Platforms and Sites for 2022: What Is the Right One For You?

There are a lot of different blogging platforms and blog sites to choose from when you decide to start blogging.

It's hard to know which one is the best for your needs, but this article will help break it down into the 5 most popular choices.

We'll go in depth about what each platform can offer you and if there are any limitations.

The Top 5 Best Blogging Platforms and Blog Sites for 2022

The best way to choose the right blogging platform for you is by identifying how you want to use your blog.

As explained in another post where we evaluated Facebook as an optional blogging platform (is Facebook a blog?), it depends on what your goals are in terms of creating a blog, how much time you have to spend working on it each day/week, and how focused you want to be.

Therefore, this blog post will not be about ranking but more about meeting your needs with a more comprehensive explanation on how those blogging platforms perform.

Do you want to create a personal journal or do you want to start a business?

The answer will determine which of these 5 best blogging platforms and sites for 2022 are best suited for what you need!

In this product review we will breakdown the features of the top 5 best websites for blogging:

  1. Medium (our best choice)— For writing to a pre-existing audience, this is the best platform.
  2. LinkedIn — Ideal for connecting with thought leaders and influencers.
  3. WordPress — Ideal for very large and adaptable blogs
  4. Wix — For those who are new to blogging, this is the best option.
  5. Squarespace — Best for photographers, artists, and designers

1. Medium – Best for Writing to a Built-In Audience

Medium Logo Usage Guidelines | by Medium |

In the age of social media, we often judge success by how many views your post gets. But on medium right now all you need to get noticed is an interesting idea and some unique opinions!

The site has become a unique spot for creative types looking to have their words heard above others.

Medium is an excellent place to learn about the latest technological advancements.

On Medium, reputable individuals with immense expertise are usually found writing articles that pertain specifically to your technical needs and interests.

If you write in this field then your work may receive positive feedback from readers as well!

So whether you're looking for some helpful SEO and copywriting advice or want answers on how to boost your sales with the most advanced no-code tools, Medium is the right place for you.

Blogging on Medium

Medium - Writing a story

There are three primary ways to blog on Medium:

A- Publish to your own publication from scratch

You can have your content published on a Medium page in just one day. You'll write the article, spend time proofreading and formatting it before publishing - all automatically!

Natively creating an account with no requirements whatsoever is quick as well since there's virtually nothing else needed besides writing up some great copy-writing material.

B- Publish to your own publication from imported personal blogs

Medium - Import a story

You can import stories on Medium as well. This option comes in handy if you're already writing articles and want an audience outside of your own blog followers.

C-Submit to other publications.

This is when you submit an article to another Medium blog in the hopes of having it published. This is a great approach to reach out to a well-known publication's audience, but it also implies that you'll have to complete a full piece before giving up on it entirely.

If there's one thing we've learned from our years in the writing biz, it would be this: never give up on your work.

It might seem a bit daunting at first to send out articles and have them published elsewhere online, however with enough persistence anything can happen!

Monetizing your content on Medium

Medium - Monetize your content

The only platform on the Internet that allows anybody to sign up, publish an article and make money off it is Medium.

Yes you can definitely take advantage of this opportunity if your content meets their guidelines with their Partner Program which not all writers have been successful in getting through.

Cons of a Medium Blog

Is it worth giving up your blog? If you are content creating on Medium, then the answer is yes.

However if what makes a person want to follow their favorite blogs and articles is design or branding features, then this platform may not be for them.

It offers only text-based posts from writers around the world with no visual creativity.

Medium does own its audience.

So losing followers means less traffic which means no revenue coming into whatever business model was being used back when everything started. And we all know how expensive web development can be these days!

Why we value so much Medium?

Medium is an online publishing platform that allows you to write and publish content in a beautiful way.

The best part is that is doesn't require any design skills.

You can also connect with other writers and get feedback on your drafts, which helps improve your writing skills.

It also has no setup requirements, so it's super easy!

You can reach out a community of people with similar interests as yours by creating groups in which they are most likely interested too.

This way only writing needs your attention instead of designing websites all day long (or hiring somebody else).

2. LinkedIn – Best for Networking with Thought Leaders and Influencers

LinkedIn storing? Actuele storingen en problemen | Allestoringen

LinkedIn is a powerful and versatile platform for business professionals.

It gives you access to an audience of millions, including HR people from all around the globe as well digital marketers who love sharing articles with one another on their feed!

The network has everything that any blogger could want in terms of culture.

It's ready made right there at your fingertips when building up your own blog site or website so make sure not underestimate this social media service by letting others do it instead.

Blogging on LinkedIn

How to Write and Post Your Own Articles on LinkedIn
How to post an article on Linkedin?

LinkedIn has become a powerful tool for building business connections.

Creating content on LinkedIn and sharing it with others can help you stand out from the crowd.

Is that it? Not a bit!

It helps you to build trust in your company or brand name, create more meaningful relationships between employees who work closely together which ultimately leads to better team work practices overall!

The process is very simple:  add some text within seconds, publish your article and share it with your audience.

Your article may also be read by people who don't yet follow you on LinkedIn, so when you publish another one, they'll be alerted. Any articles that appear in the LinkedIn Articles section will also include all past ones under this account!

Although, avoid posting full length pieces at least until after some experiments have been done with different lengths and formats .

Cons of Blogging on LinkedIn

LinkedIn provides a plethora of branding and thought leadership opportunities, but it lacks in several crucial areas.

You can't just go down to the bottom of your website and hit a button that says "archive" or something to that effect.

Instead you have access through activity feeds which require additional steps before finding anything at all.

That's a lot of effort just to get one article.

3. WordPress – Ideal for very large and adaptable blogs


WordPress is one of the most popular blogging software available.

It's a fully customizable content management system (CMS) for business bloggers that want to develop a website.

It's also fantastic if you want to start making money with your blog.

Fantastic you said? How so?

WordPress is an open-source software. That means they don't keep their source code a secret.

Developers can use the source code to create widgets, plugins, and other tools that may be used to customize WordPress blogs, allowing you to design any kind of blog you choose.

Although, there is a bit of a learning curve.

To get the most out of WordPress in terms of customization, you'll need to be more hands-on with the plugins and widgets you pick and how you use the backend.

Yes, that means you'll have to get your hands dirty with HTML, CSS, and minimal coding.

Wow, coding. Scary ain't it? You shouldn't!

First of all, you can find multiple sources on the internet to help you out with HTML and CSS.

Secondly, and specifically for Wordpress, you can find lots of material on Google.

Look at the review below and I am sure you will be way more relaxed if you pick on of the best blogger platforms.

“With no knowledge of WordPress when I started it was a bit of a steep learning curve but I figured everything out quickly enough,” said one user. “WordPress is very intuitive and if you can’t figure something out, you just have to Google it or check on YouTube and you will likely find an answer.” -

Blogging with WordPress gives you control over every aspect of your website.

WordPress is the finest blogging platform to make money since you can develop your blog and include extra features such as forums, an online store, premium memberships, and online courses.

There are several thousands of free WordPress themes accessible. This allows you to build a unique website that stands out from the crowd.

Thanks to the most popular WordPress themes, you can create stunning websites of all types, with a variety of features for customization.

You'll also get access to over 58,000 free WordPress plugins. These plugins are like apps for your WordPress blog that allow you to add functionality such as contact forms and galleries.

See the list of must have WordPress plugins for all websites.

The WordPress blog dashboard appears to be more complicated than most at first sight. However, once you get started, it's quite simple to comprehend.

The site's new Gutenberg editor was just released, making the editing process a lot easier. In a manner that is both clear and easy to understand, they lay out everything you'll need to put up a blog in an organized, step-by-step approach.

Quick view of the block editor
Wordpress block editor

We've previously used this new editor, and we appreciate how you may drag particular elements of your blog posts and pages to where you want them in the final published version. The layout is simple to manage, and locating font settings and image inserts is a breeze.

Sure, it doesn't have the drag-and-drop functionality as Wix and Squarespace do since you can't change the whole page, but it's very close.

Last but not least, It also has options to embed dynamic content like videos, social media feeds, Google Adsense, graphs, charts, and more without any technical know how.

Choosing a Host

You'll need to acquire a domain name, get web hosting, and establish an account in order to build your own WordPress site.

The hosting provider you choose will need to provide unlimited bandwidth, support for your chosen content management system (CMS), space for all of the images on your site.  

It should also offer one-click installation to ensure it's simple enough.

Cons of Blogging with WordPress

As we described previously, managing your own website comes with a bit of a learning curve.

It has a very popular SEO plugin that will help you to optimize your website. But if you don't know how it works, then achieving optimal results is going to be hard for you.

WordPress is the most used blogging platform on the web and is free with an excellent reputation in terms of security and flexibility.

Although, you will have to manage your own backups and security.

You will therefore need a certain degree of technical skill and patience.

4. Wix – Best for Beginners Building a Professional Blog

Créer un site internet | Création de site web gratuit |

Wix is a well-known hosted platform for website development. Their drag-and-drop website builder is useful for small companies to develop a website quickly.

The Wix Blog app may also be used to add a blog to your website. was established in 2006 as a tool that allowed anybody with little or no technical knowledge to build their own beautiful website without having to know how to code. It has over 110 million users across the world today.

They provide hundreds of website designs in a variety of genres. They have templates for travel blogs, basic portfolios, and photography galleries as examples.

Wix has both live support through a 24/7 call back service (if you're in the United States) and a huge knowledge base with articles to assist beginners when they get stuck.

Blogging with Wix

You can customize your site using dozens of templates and third party apps.

Wix has a Blog app which is an easy way for beginners to start their own blog on the internet without any prior experience or training needed.

You may also use it as your main website hosting platform if that's what you desire.

Wix may be the best blogging platform if you're a beginner, or want to host your blog with another website.

Cons of Blogging with Wix

The free account is actually the best option for anyone just starting out.

It allows you to start with a clean slate and customize your website in any way that fits your taste.

Although, the free account is restricted and includes Wix branding and advertising on your site.

Template-based e-commerce sites are limited in features and functionality.

You can't change the template once you've chosen one, or add new templates without paying for them separately.

Even then some of these third party apps might be too expensive when compared with what your company needs!

4. Squarespace – Best for Blog Builder for Photographers, Artists, and Designers

Alles wat je moet weten over Squarespace voor jouw webshop

When we go onto a Squarespace blog, the first thing we notice is how lovely it usually appears.

The colors are bright and vivid, yet the images jump off the screen. The blog owners themselves seem to be artistically-inclined, such as illustrators and photographers.

Blogging with Squarespace

How to Build a Blog with Squarespace - The Everygirl
Blogging with Squarespace

Squarespace is the perfect website for anyone who wants to create their own personal or professional branding without spending hours in front of a computer screen.

The user interface and design are so easy, you don't need any technical knowledge at all!

It has beautiful professionally designed templates, which provide you with the perfect starting point in developing your online presence.

Squarespace also offers domain name registration as well as eCommerce stores so users can start building their own websites almost immediately upon signing up.

And this even if they know nothing about coding or design beforehand!

Cons of Blogging with Squarespace

Squarespace offers a template-like website platform that is limited to the features built into it.

They integrate with a few services and tools, but not the most popular ones out there.

It can not provide you with what you might want to use for your business's needs in future such as calendar appointments or banking links among others.


While the platform you select will be determined by your specific requirements, you'll certainly be able to discover what you're searching for using our list and approach to help you.

Being SEO copywriters our personal choice goes to Medium as it allows anybody to sign up, publish an article and make money off it.

Yes you can definitely take advantage of this opportunity if your content meets their guidelines with their Partner Program.

The best part about Medium is that it doesn't require any design skills or setup requirements- making it a great option for anyone who wants to start blogging without having to worry about coding websites from scratch every single day.

Lastly, you can reach out a community of people with similar interests as yours by creating groups in which they are most likely interested too.

Hope this blog post will give you a better understanding on how to choose the right blogging platform for you business and needs.

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