Frequently Asked Questions

What is SEO?

Search engine optimisation or also known as "SEO" is the process of improving your website's ranking in search engines by ensuring that your site has relevant and authoritative content. SEO is about marketing, promotion and visibility, not just clever tricks.

What is keyword analysis?

Keyword analysis is the practice of identifying related keywords to a given topic so that SEO (Search Engine Optimization) can be used in order to bring the website up to par with the competition. It is important for marketers to use keyword analysis in order to optimize their campaigns and increase traffic, leads, and conversions.

How do search engines rank their results?

The search engine's ranking algorithm is a complex system of formulas that take into consideration the following factors:
-Search volume (i.e. How many webpages are indexed for the same keyword)
-How many webpages link to each webpage
-The site's popularity and rank within the website itself, as well as how many links it has on other sites
-And how often the webpage is updated

What is copywriting?

Copywriters are responsible for writing the words of a company or brand that will be seen by the public.

What are the benefits of using AI-powered copywriting tools?

You do not have to worry about knowing how to write good copy or coming up with fresh ideas for quality content and marketing slogans: the Artificial Intelligence will do it for you. Besides, the tools will give you key metrics on how good you perform against the competition. All of this for a few bucks.

Do you create content for us?

Yes! One of our services is providing humanized AI generated content based on your specific needs and profile . We help YOU deliver on your content WAY before deadlines. 

How much do you charge?

We know exactly how creating content can be frustrating both in terms of budget and creativity. What we want is to provide quality techniques at the lowest costs possible, which means that your cost will come from either paying for our copywriting service or for subscriptions on tools like Jasper. These referral links will give you even more bonuses.

How does it work?

It takes 30 seconds to sign up and you have access to our order form. Here you will:

  • Indicate the word length required for your content.
  • Write or upload your brief. There are no constraints as to the details or length of your brief, you can choose to go into deep details or just provide us a topic and/or title to write about!
  • Provide your preferred keywords. Don’t stress too much, we're gonna evaluate their relevance and choose the best ranking keywords for you anyways!
  • We begin by spending a day or two learning about your company, industry and related topic, determining the proper tone and direction for the article, then our copy gurus take over. You should expect a 2000 word piece back within 3  days. 
  • Our Guru will then work their “AI-backed” magic (real magic does not exist anyways, or does it?) and deliver a final draft to which you get one FREE revision. 
  • A clear communication channel will be established between us, so we’ll always be connected if any party needs to add, change or alter something.
Do you do research and/or include images?

We research all material using freely accessible information, and we credit any facts or statistics we quote. We also supply royalty-free image sourcing for your content through popular websites such as unsplash.com. 

Do you offer edits/revisions?

It's difficult to create interesting material, therefore we provide one free edit/revision on any content you receive, as long as you would want some modifications. We’re confident our content will satisfy you and add value to your readers on the first try!

Do I own the content you have created?

You own 100% of your content! As a ghostwriting service, it would defeat our purpose if you did not own the content as soon as we’ve delivered the work. We do not publish, recycle, redistribute, or re-use any of your content...ever!